How To Make Children Listen

Have you ever been told by a teacher at school or the student care center that your child tends to not listen or follow instructions? A behavior like this needs immediate action.  A child who does not listen to others will grow up to develop other negative values. 

A child needs to learn the value of respect and discipline that stems from listening. May it be at home, school, student care, after school program or in any other learning environment, listening is a big part of social and emotional development.

Here are tips and tricks on how to teach your child to listen attentively.

Stay calm

First and foremost, you have to stay calm when you get upset. When adults get mad, children go into fight or flight mode. When this happens, they are not able to listen properly to what you are talking about. They will lose sight of what’s right and wrong. 

For example, when you’re both running late for work and school, do not shout or waste time lecturing your child about procrastinating that morning. Instead, ask him or her why it is taking too long to get ready then help out. Later on, you can talk about how to improve morning routines so you’re out of the house on time.

Get the child’s attention

Do not start talking unless you have your child’s attention. Full attention means you have established a connection that sparked the child’s interest to have a conversation.

Being in full attention is reflected on the physical movements. The child should look up when listening to you. Moreover, you should also make it a habit to look the child in the eye during conversations. 

Break your topic into different points

This tip is very effective especially when you want to teach children to follow directions. The key here is to break your instructions down into different points, as if you are writing these in bullets or numbers.

Be a role model

Lastly, be a role model to your children. If the child sees that you are not putting in your full attention to when they are speaking to you, they will most likely mimic that action. 

Children learn their behavior from adults. Thus, parents must listen intently as well, may it be towards children or other people. Always keep in mind that whenever children are around, always set a good example. 

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