Have you ever been told by a teacher at school or the student care center that your child tends to not listen or follow instructions? A behavior like this needs immediate action.  A child who does not listen to others will grow up to develop other negative values.  A childContinue Reading

An academic scholarship (also known as a merit scholarship) is awarded to someone who has shown excellence in a particular subject, course or field of study. Often they are awarded to graduating high school students, in preparation for their college years but even mature age college students can be eligible.Continue Reading

There are a lot of things that you can choose as a career. You have to remember, however, that if you are going to choose a career in anything you have to make sure that you do so at an earlier stage in your schooling life. Like if you areContinue Reading

The annual Manpower Talent Shortage Survey lists the top 10 jobs companies cannot fill. Most require an education level of a two-year degree or less. A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee skills gap report shows that 70% of prospective job openings in Wisconsin through 2020 will require an education level of aContinue Reading

After years of touting the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ) educational programs, many teachers are discovering that by adding an “A” –for ART– student learning will pick up STEAM! This latest understanding of how students learn is changing science education by adding Art education back into the mix.Continue Reading

Degree holders or teachers can concentrate on early, middle or secondary students. They can also work in administrative positions. Professionals can also specialize in designing teaching material, adult education or they can also get training as an administrative specialist such as principal or vice principal. Goals of Earning Online DegreesContinue Reading

Graduates of online education degree programs enjoy a broad range of career options. You can specialize in a single subject, or become a generalist with skills across the disciplines. The future is bright, too, for teachers at all levels. President Barack Obama has pledged to revitalize early childhood education andContinue Reading